Case Study

St. Peter's Kitchen

St. Peter's Kitchen is an organization in Rochester, NY that provides food and support to people struggling with food insecurity. In 2023, Branch Software Studio rebuilt its website to more accurately represent its work and help strengthen the connection to the community it serves.

The site was rebuilt from the ground up with the following goals in mind:

  • CUSTOMER-CENTRIC: Focus on solving specific problems for customers, volunteers and donors.
  • MEASURABLE IMPACT: Develop metrics and goals to understand how the new site is helping SPK.
  • MODERN DESIGN: Update the website style to be clean, simple, accessible, and easy to navigate.
  • MAINTAINABLE: Allow the SPK staff to easily maintain and update the site with new content.
  • SUSTAINABLE: Keep ongoing costs, support, and maintenance to a minimum.

St. Peter's Kitchen Homepage
St. Peter's Kitchen Homepage