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Branch Software Studio creates simple, creative, and effective websites.


We deliver simple, creative, and effective websites in collaboration with a talented network of freelancers. Together, we ensure your digital presence meets your goals with precision and care.


We will take a dive deep into understanding your goals and audience to develop a tailored web strategy that drives engagement and growth.


Our designs will bring your vision to life with a well-organized and thoughtful user experience that captures your brand’s essence and delights your customers.


We develop scalable and secure websites using the latest tech, that ensures your site performs flawlessly on all devices, no matter how many people visit.


I work directly with my clients, handling each project's strategy, design, and development. When needed, I bring in experts in branding, user experience, and content writing to perfect the final product. This collaborative approach ensures that a well-built solution is delivered quickly and affordably, keeping the project on track and aligned with your vision.

I have been building software professionally since before the dawn of the web. I spent twenty years writing software for startups in digital publishing, internet advertising, and e-learning. For the past decade, I've been working to help non-profits with socially responsible missions.

I started Branch Software Studio in 2023 to share everything I've learned and help purpose-driven organizations expand their impact. I hope to partner with you to make a positive difference.

Andrew Branch

Andrew Branch


Below are the websites I've developed as Director of Product Engineering at Measures for Justice from 2015 to 2023 and since founding Branch Software Studio in 2023.

Measures for Justice: National Data Portal
Criminal Justice Reform Data Portal

Measures for Justice: National Data Portal

The Measures for Justice data portal, launched in 2017, and offered unprecedented transparency into local justice systems by collecting and analyzing criminal justice data and presenting them at the county level. The portal allows users to review and compare performance data of their local criminal justice system broken down by defendant and case characteristics such as race, sex, and offense severity.

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